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Adventurers are often considered as lone wolves, social misfits or even outcasts. Misunderstood by their friends and foolish in their meretricious existence, they tend to travel alone, romanticize the esoteric and only later realize that they are trendsetters. Occasionally, by choice or by circumstance, we find ourselves in the company of other adventurers, huddled in bomb shelters, or squeezed into native huts. 
The reality is that danger creates a special fellowship. You'll find instant camaraderie whether you are sitting around a small fire drinking Coca-Cola or Peshawari Qahwa and discussing politics as the sun rises at Makshpori mountains, or shivering in a mountain hut in Chitral Valley while arguing about the firing rates of automatic weapons or growing inflation in the country. These serendipitous friendships under adversity create bonds and memories. It is not surprising that these adventurers would seek to re-create the boisterous warm feelings that many of them had around foreign campfires. Back in the real world, we do long for those clear, crisp moments when minds met and the world made sense. 
If you like wildlife and animals of the social kind, you may want to check out an adventure club in your neighbourhood. There you will find people of your taste. People who love to go out in the wild, let them free from all the worries and enjoy in the sheer company of nature. In any case, a club can be an excellent way to learn about the world of adventure and the quixotic people that make it tick. 
The same reason we have got to build Markopolo Adventure Club. Here, we intend to make people happy by letting themselves free from all the worldly tensions. Our motto is to promote the importance of physical as well as mental health for the members. A person can’t give his/her best unless he/she is physically and mentally fit. At least a trip, per annum, enjoying the company of nature in the hilly and greenish mountains of Pakistan’s northern areas will serve the purpose.

Founding date

August 14th,2015

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5 Day (s) Tour Package – Hunza, Khunjerab Pass

Start Date: 18-06-2021 End Date: 25-06-2021

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PKR 22500

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3 Day (s) Tour Package – Naran Valley, Saiful Muluk, Shogran, Siri Paye

Start Date: 01-07-2021 End Date: 04-07-2021

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8 Day (s) Tour Package – Deosai Plains, Hunza, Khunjerab Pass, Shangrilla, Skardu

Start Date: 25-06-2021 End Date: 03-07-2021

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PKR 27000

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