Sari Paya (Kaghan)

Siri Paye is a wonderful destination to visit. To see a striking view of the lush green meadow with Malika Parbat take a route of a rugged eight-kilometer road to climb 2300 feet through thick pine forest to reach the top of Paya point. One can also see varieties of wild alpine flowers on the lush slopes of Paya to fill your soul with pleasure. From here you can then hike to Makra Mountain (Spider), which is 12743 feet above the sea level. To reach Kaghan Valley and Azad Kashmir's Neelum Valley trekkers have to climb about 2000 feet.  But before hiking take safety measures to avoid any problem and take necessary items with you. Sari is a beautiful lake that you can visit on the way to Paya to take some rest and refresh. A small forest rest house and some tea stalls are also available for travellers for rest and refreshment purposes.