12 Gates of Lahore (Lahore)

The welled city of Lahore has observed many noteworthy eras, dynasties and hordes. Narrow lanes of the old city still show the traces of the Lahore’s magnificent past. Many striking structures that are still standing tall show the testimony of the magnificence of the long gone period. Among these structures 13 gates of Lahore are worth mentioning. For protection point of view a 9 meter high wall was built around the old Lahore city for this reason this is known as Andron Lahore City or welled city Lahore. The 13 were constructed gates wood and iron, bricks and other materials, name of these gates are;

  • The Raushnai Gate
  • The Kashmiri Gate 
  • The Masti Gate 
  • The Khizri or the Sheranwala Gate 
  • The Yakki Gate
  • The Dehli Gate 
  • The Akbari Gate  
  • The Mochi Gate 
  • The Shah 'Almi Gate 
  • The Lahori Gate also known as the Lohari gate
  • The Mori Gate  
  • The Bhatti Gate
  • The Taxali Gate