Kumrat valley

Kumrat valley is located in the low hills of gigantic Hindu Kush Range (Upper Dir District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa). It is surrounded Swat, Chitral and Kalam. The landscape of the valley consists of mountains, cool weather, amazing scenery, lush green grassland, snow covered mountains and noisy fresh water streams. Tourists can enjoy various activities here such as camping, bonfire, trout fishing, trekking or hiking.

Travel Highlights Of Kumrat Valley

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Transport In Kumrat Valley

Kumrat Valley is the most attractive for traveler destination in upper Dir. It takes 6-8 hours to reach the Bazar of Dir via a jeep or your own or ride. You can use public transport but it’s not frequent in this area. As the valley is connected to various other valleys in the area it can be reached by many routes.


Medication In Kumrat Valley

DHQ Hospital Dir Upper

Dir, Upper Dir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Weather In Kumrat Valley

The average temperature during summer season ranges from 20°C to 25°C and climate remains mild cold. And the average temperature during winter season ranges from -4°C to -10°C due to heavy snow fall in valley. While during autumn and winters weather unpredictable therefore movement is banned in this season.

Places To Visit In Kumrat Valley

Jahaz Banda

  • After four hour of trekking you can reach the camping place on the way to the Jahaz Banda camping site you can enjoy the beauty of the meadows, waterfalls and topping mountains

Panjkora River

  • Next point of attraction for tourists in Kumrat Valley is Panjkora River which is a cold water river. Here you can enjoy trout fishing in fascinating environment.

Kotara Lake

  • Kotara Lake turns bluish in shade due to the towering mountains that enclose the valley due to these panoramic scenes valley feels like a fairyland. It is located at a distance of 3-4 hours trek from Jahaz Banda.

Do Kala Chashma

  • The mesmerizing beauty of Kumrat has several luxurious destinations to experience, Do Kala Chashma being one of them. The eye-pleasing view is further enhanced with fresh water bodies that provide cold water to drink and enjoy the scenery.

Restaurants In Kumrat Valley

Green Hills

Green Hills

  • Green Hills is located in Swat. Experience the rich culture of taste and hospitality here with an array of cuisines and exemplary settings this restaurant can satisfy all your food temptations. This eatery is an excellent choice for families, tourists and business meetups looking for a relishing breakfast, lunch or dinner. Guests at this beanery can savor various types of foods from continental, Chinese, Italian, and Pakistani to vegetarian. Visitors and guests feel satisfied with this restaurant in terms of ambiance, location, service, food quality and value as compared to other restaurants in the Swat.

Hotels In Kumrat Valley

Swat Serena Hotel

Swat Serena Hotel

  • 1 Day (s)
  • From PKR: 17000
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