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Thandiani is a beautiful hill station in the Galyat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Thandiani is most attractive tourist place in Abbottabad. It’s a hill resort 30 km in the east of Abbottabad located at a height of 8,800 feet. For more information, please contact PTDC’s Tourist Information Centre located at Club Anexe, Jinnah Road, Abbottabad. Tel: 05921-34399

Harnoi River

Harnoi River is located at a distance of 11 kilometers from Abbottabad. This zigzag river with fast flowing water is surrounded by lush green mountains creates a majestic atmosphere for tourists

Mushkpuri Top

Mushkpuri hill is the 2nd highest hill station of Galyat, it is situated at a distance of 3 hours from Abbottabad, and interesting thing is that it is safe hill trek to top. The way to top is so much enchanting because of the waterfalls, ponds and attractive flowers.

Miranjani Top

It is the biggest mountain of Galyat range. Interesting thing is that it has a safe 4.69 km long track if you plan trekking here. Newbie needs about 3-4 hours to surmount it. Two tracks are present for trekking here; one begins from Nathia Gali and another track is starting from Dagri Bangla Resthouse, Abbottabad.

Location: It is situated in Abbottabad District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa the Province of Pakistan. It is located in the Namli Maira area, in Ayubia National Park, about 80 kilometres from Islamabad in the Western Himalayan Mountain Range.

Elevation:  It is located at the elevation of 9816 feet.