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Kalash Valley

(Places To Visit)


Bumburet is the main and the most charming valley of the Kalash. It is at a distance of 36 km from Chitral and can be reached by a jeep-able road.


Rambur is located at a distance of 32 km from Chitral, the road is easy to travel through the jeeps. Foreign tourists must have permits for visiting the Kalash valleys. Permits are issued free of cost by the Deputy Commissioner of Chitral.


Brir valley lies at the extreme south side of Chitral, 34 km away. This valley is easily accessible by jeep via Ayun.


Kalash is mostly known for its colourful festivals. They start their ceremony of Chhirpiyak, in which milk is offered, followed by dancing and singing by boys and girls. Men and women then go to Charsu, which is a dancing place in Guru Village where they dance together till night. The elders perform Bumburate charsu, another ritual to mark the end of the festival.