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Darawar Fort

Historically-significant Derawar Fort a 9th century human marvel is famous for its amazingly different architecture signposting centuries of opulence; therefore it is considered a noticeable tourist attraction in the Cholistan desert. Derawar Fort is an enormous and impressive fortress located in Ahmadpur East Tehsil (Bahawalpur), Punjab, Pakistan. This large fort consists of forty bastions which are visible from many miles in the Cholistan Desert.

The Derawar Fort was built in the 9th century by Hindu Rajput named Rai Jajja Bhati, from Jaisalmir in India's Rajasthan state. This place is of significant attraction point for tourist, because of its landmark architecture, beautiful desert and safari. The walls of the fort are 1500 metres wide and thirty metres high. Tourism Development Corporation Pakistan (TDCP) recently started off-road Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally which makes it more attractive for visitors.

Noor Mehal

Noor Mehal or Noor Palace is another worth visiting place situated in Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan, which is open for general public, students, and to delegations and visitors from other countries by the department of Archeology (now responsible for the look after of the palace). This historical palace was built in 1875 AD, which means it is about one hundred and fifty years old.

Darbar Mahal

One of the most beautiful royal places to visit in Bhawalpur is Darbar Mahal. It was dedicated to one of the wives of Nawab Bahal khan and the fort was completed in 1905, with stunning architectural beauty. The least you can do is to take your wife to visit and dedicate the trip to her.

The Tomb of Bibi Jawindi in Uch Sharif

The most elegant building, the Tomb of Bibi Jawindi is a monument in Uch Sharif. It was built around 1493 by an Iranian prince for Bibi Jawindi, the great-granddaughter of a famous Sufi saint Jahaniyan Jahangasht. The structure is decorated with enamelled tiles and carved woods to awestruck you with a most beautiful sight.